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Dec 15th, 2013
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Like everyone last night I watched the hour- long snooze fest that was the Heisman Trophy presentation. I mean that was one hour that I will never ever get back for them to tell me who won in a matter of two minutes. CONGRATS FAMOUS JAMEIS. I’m sure the win felt really good after the last two months you have had.

BUT this is not about the Heisman and Jameis…this is about the ESPN 30 For 30 documentary that aired afterwards: “Youngstown Boy’s”. The sports documentary was about the lives of Maurice Clarett, Jim Tressel and Ohio State University Football. Sorry, I meant THE Ohio State University…

I remember that season and watching OSU beat Miami in the championship game but didn’t know all of the story behind Maurice being let go after that season. It was amazing to see the story from Tressel’s and Clarett’s perspective and what led to his life going out of control.

After leaving OSU, Maurice sued the NFL to enter the league early. He initially won the case but the decision was reversed. After this Maurice spent time away from football until he was able to enter the draft. He was eventually cut from the Denver Broncos and moved back to Youngstown, Ohio (his birthplace). Maurice became involved in street life and was eventually charged with a very serious crime.

Maurice was arrested and convicted of armed robbery and spent 3 1/2 years in prison before being released early on good behavior. During his stint in prison, Maurice began keeping a blog (which was updated via his girlfriend) and was a constant reader of books.

Maurice credits jail with saving him and helping to get his life back on track. The story ended with showing after his release Maurice re-enrolled at Ohio State and works as   a motivational speaker and author.

This story showed the hypocrisies of the NCAA football system on college athletes as well, especially how Maurice was basically thrown away by Ohio State after bringing them a national title.

Take some time to watch this amazing 30 for 30.


Video Source: ESPN and Dan LeBetard Highly Questionable YouTube pages

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